Wow for once a stupid rant.

I blabbed on about something I found, TinyGo and how it lists compatibility with microcontrollers.

It doesn’t list that it’s compatible with certain microcontroller chips, it lists that it’s compatible with certain dev boards.

This is some absolute bullshit that annoys me every fucking time I see it.

If I can’t take one of my random ATMEGA328P’s, hook it up to a serial programmer, and use your shit because you insist on targeting a fucking random dev board which is for prototyping then your project is worthless trash.

Your shit will not be taken seriously by anyone if you insist on targeting a devboard that random kids use to prototype their blinkenlights projects.

The Arduino has its place. I have like, ten of them lying around, mostly Arduino Nanos, and also some ESP32 dev boards. Even using the Arduino bootloader on a final project isn’t a terrible idea. But when your shit is advertised as being for Arduino boards themselves it’s blatantly clear that you have no idea what the fuck you’re doing and shouldn’t be allowed to develop for anything with fewer than 16GB of RAM along with the rest of the webshits that build everything in Electron.

But they are fucking prototyping tools for fuck sake and I swear to god if someone designs a PCB around an Arduino board being soldered onto it they should have all rights to use EDA software fucking revoked.

Writing new ways to program embedded hardware and doing so in a way that targets individual development boards instead of the chips themselves is a dogshit fucking stupid idea.

Sorry not sorry.